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What we do

Constructing Rural Primary Schools

Since Hurricane Mitch, Celtino has funded the the building and repair of over fifty rural schools.

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Public Health
Providing Accessible Healthcare

For the past decade, Celtino has been conducting annual medical and dental brigades in rural Central America.

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STEM Outreach

In 2017, Celtino funded a state-of-the-art STEM program for the the Armando Calidonio Alvarado Institute in Copan, Honduras.

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Construction of rural primary schools

The Celtino Foundation purchases raw materials to construct schools, including cinder blocks, mortar, roofing and fencing supplies.  Celtino has already funded the building and repair of over fifty rural schools since Hurricane Mitch. Celtino has also worked with the International Mission Board, Habitat for Humanity, and the School Sisters of Notre Dame.  These larger agencies have direct contact with the communities where Celtino works. This allows Celtino to be less burdened with staff and overhead costs while continuing to have direct access to the communities in need. Over the past decade, Celtino has also worked directly with village leaders to ensure the sustainability of every construction project.  These communities provide the land, labor, and proof of assurance for a full-time teaching staff.

Medical and Dental Brigades

The Celtino Foundation has many connections with both North American and Central American health-care professionals.  We have established relationships and support from two North American hospitals, and over the past decade we have provided annual dental and medical brigades in many rural areas of Central America.  The brigades provide free care with an emphasis on educating both adults and children on basic preventative physical and oral health.

STEM Outreach

In early June 2018, Celtino Project Coordinator Samantha Yap traveled to Honduras after raising money for the Armando Calidonio Alvarado Institute of Copan, Honduras. There, she met with the faculty and students of the school and gained first-hand experience on the high school’s budding Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program, spearheaded by Fullbright Scholar Elvis Rivera.


Student filmmaker and friend of Celtino, Katie Taylor, visited the community of Las Capucas, Honduras in July of 2008 to document the difference made by Celtino’s work. She documented the school building, recreation field, and future site of a community center which have all been made possible through the contributions and hard work of the foundation. The documentary may be viewed in abbreviated form here.

From director & filmmaker Katie Taylor: “Through my Senior Project at New Albany High School, I endeavored to explore cinematography, the Spanish language, and charitable foundations. Extended family provided the connection for me to organize an eight-day trip to the Central American country of Honduras, where I documented the non-profit Celtino Foundation’s contributions to Honduran education, especially in rural and underprivileged areas such as the village of Las Capucas, Copan.”