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Honduras: A Journey & A Lesson

From director & filmmaker Katie Taylor: “Through my Senior Project at New Albany High School, I endeavored to explore cinematography, the Spanish language, and charitable foundations. Extended family provided the connection for me to organize an eight-day trip to the Central American country of Honduras, where I documented the non-profit Celtino Foundation’s contributions to Honduran education, especially in rural and underprivileged areas such as the village of Las Capucas, Copan.

“Using a Canon VIXIA HV30 camcorder to record high definition video on mini-DV cassette tapes, and the Apple programs iMovie and Final Cut Express 4 to sculpt the final product, I created a documentary in miniature, running time 00:29:17.

“Filming for this project was completed in Honduras, while planning, practice, and postproduction were completed in New Albany, Ohio. I learned how to plan, film, and produce a documentary through this project, as well as gaining valuable insight on non-profit organizations, third world countries, and the Spanish language.”